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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

the worlds greatest question

if you were fighting on the front lines and you could choose your death, how would you die? and why?



jlanasa said...

i would get shot into an arm. only to run out of the trench toward enemy lines to be shot down multiple times. then with my last ounce of strength i would throw a gas grenade and a grenade into a hole and jump into the hole to ensure a long and painful death.

BritB said...

well painlessly of course!! maybe get shot. cuz i kno i wouldnt want to get blown up by a bomb or anything...

BritB said...

wait what!! jake that dont make no sense!! haha but interesting way of wanting to die...

Brooke Ewert said...

i would choose to get shot with a machiene gun in the head because it probably would be quick and painless.

Anonymous said...

I would want to die by a bullet to the head because it would be quick and less painful.


mary said...

thats obvious!
shot in the head or heart!
and then you wouldn't have to go through a lot of pain!

ttyson said...

i would want to get blown by a bomb because it would be very quick and i wouldnt feel a thing.

Lauren E. said...

i agree with [most] other people : get shot in the back of the head. quick and painless [i think, ive never gotten shot in the back of the head, so i wouldnt know].

Eric said...

I would want a quick death. I would want to get shot in the heart so I wouldn't sufer to much.


Emily said...

I would take a bullet to the head, because it is fast and painless...well most of the time

Quincy said...

I would want to get killed the fastest way possible maybe by a bomb taking several people with me on the way so I would die with honor. Though honestly I would rather live and be a deserter and a coward. Only if I didn't get caught by the deserter police or whatever they are called.

What the heck jake!!! Why would u want to die like that!

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