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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Krista's awesome question [answer me!]

If you were fighting in the trenches, what do you think the worst part would be?


mason said...

the worst part would be getting shot cuz that really could hurt. and you could die.

Laura said...

Obviously being shot would be the number one thing. But otherwise, for me at least it would be having all of the rats and just hearing constant firing of machine guns and bombs. (Also, I would probably faint if I saw someone get shot and die!)

BritB said...

i think the rotting feet...eww..cuz if u dont have good leather boots ur feet could rot or something...and from all the blood lost in the trenches and u could get a lot of dieseas. and also the rats...since they were the size of cats...that would be gross tooo!!

Brooke Ewert said...

the worst part of the trenches would be the big rats because they ate at the rotting bodies. Soon you would be there too.

Anonymous said...

The worst part of being in the trenches would be the fact that you always had a chance to die because you never know when someone could pop up and shoot at you or throw a bomb at you.


ttyson said...

the worst part would be knowing as soon as you got out of it you would be shot and killed

Eric said...

The worst part would be all the bullets flying and the gas bombs. I would also hate walk around with cat sized rats.


Quincy said...

I would hate everything about it. The rats, the bombs, the guns, the trench foot. I would not want to have to suffer through any of that.

Brandon T. said...

I think the worst part would be listening to the loud gunfire day after day. I would rather go over the trench wall and die than listen to that

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