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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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Round Table Discussion Guide for Week 1 Groups.

In-Class Agenda:
Finish Quiz Modern Refugee Presentations.
NOTES on Intro to the COLD WAR... (Causes)

Summarize the Refugee Experience. If you were coming into a new country as a refugee what would you like to have done to help you readjust to a new society? How would you like to be treated? What can we do to help refugees today?


Benathin said...

i would watn there to be support groups to help me. they should help me learn the language, and learn laws, customs, and just the common courtesies.

i would like to b treated like all the other people. Yes, i would like some help, but i dont want it to seem like i am the only person in the world.

we should set up a foundation or group for the refugees. It would b very hard if we were them. We should haelp them learn english, laws, and just the general common courtesies.

Anonymous said...

Refugees coming from other countries a lot of the time have a hard time transitioning. They have to leave all their old life behind, and come and live in a totally new place. Often, they don't know the customs, traditions, and even language. If I were a refugee coming from another country, I would want people to respect me and my customs. I would like it if their were funds and donations for refugees, to make it easier for them to start their new life. I think that today we could organize fundraisers, or charities, to help people who are often coming to an entirely differnet environment, and probably don't have a lot of education and/or money. I think one of the best ways to help them adjust is to not judge them, and to keep an open mind, so they don't have to face insults or discrimination, especially after all that the've been through back where they used to live.

Sam Bredenbeck said...

Like Taylor A. said the people that usually help you and your family with health related problems are the ones trying to kill you or make you flee. So what do you do? That is basically the only thing you know and you also do not know where anything else is for help. If I were coming into a new country then I would try my hardest to find healthcare, shelter, food, etc. And in a way that is basically what all of the refugees did anyway. I would also like to be treated like everyone else because I came here for the reason that I would be leaving my bad memories behind and making new "good" memories. I didn't come here to be treated the same way as in the past!!! What we can do to help refugees today is make them feel welcome and treat them the same as everybody else is being treated. Give them a chance to make it right. Make them feel like they made a good decision for coming here!

Alex Perron said...

If I were a refugee and I was coming into a new country, I would like to have help learning the language and way of life that the people there followed. Learning how the culture works, how the government is set up, basically how to get by in the country. Having no idea how things work has to be really hard for the refugees so help to just learn how things work would be the most helpful to me. Instead of being mistreated and thought of as different, I would like to have extra help when I got to the new country. Having to go through the long journey and then be mistreated in the new country would not be a good way to start over. We should give them special medical help and education because it isn't their fault that they were just pushed out of their own country. The one that they knew how to live in and didn't have to basically relearn a whole new way to live. We can just show them the way to make the best of life here and make their decision to come to the United States be one of the best and rewarding decisions that they made.

Kristy said...

If I were a refugee coming into a new country the hardest thing would be to learn the language and culture of the new place. It would be nice if there were free language lessons to help with the translations and maybe a class to learn more about the country you are coming into.
I would like to be treated like any other person in the country, not to be treated differently just because you were "different". Another good thing would be if the natives to the country were welcoming and helped you get used to the new place you were in.
I think today to help refugees we could provide language classes for them when they come into America, this would make the adjustment for them a lot easier. Another thing we could do is to be more accepting to the refugees and not discriminate them in anyway. Being a refugee they have probably already been through a lot in their life time, so it is the least we could to for them just to be welcoming.

Leighton Bierman said...

If I were in a refugee camp I would struggle trying to learn the new culture, customs and language. That is why I think it would be appropiate to have people from the new country to help me learn the new language and every other important thing of the new country.
I would like to be treated as if I was being welcomed to come. Having people from the new country giving me warm welcomings would be a great feeling for me.
Some ways today we can help refugees is that we can make them feel welcome to our country. Help them learn our language, culture and traits. There are many more ways, but those are some of the most important things that a refugee needs to know when coming to a new world.

Anonymous said...

Dan Massey:
When arriving in a new counrty you face many great diffulculties. Different languages, different life styles, acting and looking different, and different traditions. I believe the one way to prevent troubles for immigrants is to give them a translater or helper. The helper will give help to the language and help them fit in better. I would like to be treated just like I belonged. Not to be made fun of just because of my background or what I looked like. I believe people can help people like this by not just assuming that they do something or they come from a certain culture and learn to know them.

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