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Monday, December 10, 2007

Why Didn't They Just End The War?

In class we watched the movie All Is Quiet On The Western Front. In it, Paul asks why they don't just give up and end the war. They were running low on food, medical care, and other supplies. Why do you think that they didn't just give up.


Laura said...

How did you post this...I can't figure it out!

Quincy said...

I think they didn't just end the war because both sides really wanted to win. They were both so deep in the war that I guess they just figured it would be better to keep going.

Laura said...

(I forgot to answer the question in my first post.)

Do you mean why Paul just didn't give up, soldiers in general, or the entire war in general?

Anyway, I don't think the soldiers gave up because the other soldiers might think them as a coward or they might question why they joined the war if they couldn't handle it.
They were already too far in the war to drop out, also. They fought for so long and so many men died, they didn't want to quit. After making all of the sacrifices they did, it was hard to just let it all go and lose. Might as well finish it.

Sam D said...

I believe all of the things that Laura said are true. The soldiers didn't want to fight for Germany anymore, just themselves. They felt that they also needed to avenge the soldiers that already fell, such as Hans, Paul's friend. They felt so dedicated only to make things right, not to just have Germany come out on top, that they would fight to the death, if necessary, just to get themselves and their friends out of danger.

Amy said...

Laura...log in and then go to the top of the screen. Next to your e-mail adress it says something like New Post. Click on it, and it will bring you to the screen you want.

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