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Thursday, December 06, 2007

What is your favorite thing that we have done in class so far?



Kari Grundmeier said...

My favorite thing that we have done in class so far is the assembly line while drawing the portraits...P.S. i just donated 1,060 grains of rice.. that site is fun! Kari Grundmeier

Sam D said...

My sure favorite thing is most certificously (???)[Just an adjectivized adverb] the soapbox speaches. I like how, unlike many other classes, we have the right and responsibility ( and forcedness)to actually express our personal opinions on a controversial, or non-controversial, issue of our choice that we have passion about without getting criticized in a way that we feel might shine some shadows (oxymoron) on our opinion until we sit down.

Laura said...

I really like everything! I love how we roleplay things out to better demonstrate how things happened in the past.

Katie S. said...

Hmmm...Lets see I like the soapboxes because it takes up half of class(hehe)and I like the daily extra credit =]

-Katie Schwister

Amy said...

I think that all of the simulations we do in class are really fun. My favorite is the one where we were all subjects in the kingdom. I also liked all of the other ones. They make class really fun and not as dry as some of my other classes. I always remember what we do in the simulations better for tests and stuff.

Krista said...

hmmmm let me think i like the soap boxes even tho its a lot of work to do them it shows like ppls views on everything so you kinda like get to kno ppls ideas and everything.

and i like watching movies =] lol

--krista kirchner

Maria said...

My Favorite thing that we've done in class so far is either the assembly line simulation like Kari said, or making cards and blankets for the veterans on Veteran's Day. I also like Thursdays when we do current events, and Fridays when we do candy quizes!
Go Candy! LOL!
Maria Giorgi

Mary S. said...

My favorite thing that we have done in class this year is when we made the blankets for the veterans!
I also like when we do weird news and current events!: )

Sarah Lenz said...

My favorite thing that we did in class this year is when we did the assembly line thing with the portraits!! I liked it because we got to 1)draw (which is my favorite!), and 2)that we got to see that it took a lot to get "in the groove" of working together!!

I also like seeing all of the funny pics in the end!!!

Ryan Perreault "Elfears" said...

I have to agree with amy. I liked the kingdom thing. It might have been because I was the ROYAL COURT!!!!!!(heeheeheeheehee!!!) I also liked making the blankets for the vetrains. I like to do things for others.
Ryan Perreault aka "elf ears"

rachel said...

My favorite thing we did in class was the soap boxes. I haven't done mine yet but I like listening to all of the problems in the world.

hulio(nat) said...

my favortie thing that we did in class is the mirage kingdom because we got a chance to argue and tell our side of the story

mason said...

my favorite we have done in class is risk, that was cool. and my team won. that was cool cuz like we got to actually do something fun in school.

BritB said... favorite thing were doin in class is the soap box's. I like them cuz u learn a lot of stuff off them and u get to see everyone elses view on the subject. I also liked the assembly line..that was kinda fun seeing how ur picture ended up looking like.

jlanasa said...

i liked it when we did the royal court thing because i got to insult people and be stubborn witch is what many people have said are my best qualities.

Anonymous said...

I liked all of the simulations because they were fun and we got to really almost relive what happened in history.


Emily said...

My favorite thing is class this year was the soapboxes, because I like all the information you can learn from the classmates soapboxes!

ttyson said...

my favorite thing in class was the collective bargaining assignment because i got to be the boss and control how much my workers got and i could boss them around

Eric said...

My favorite part of class was the assembly line because you had to work as a group so we could have a decent project.


Sarah R. said...

My favorite thing that we have done in class so far are all the cool simulations because they help me remember things for tests and they make class really interesting!

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