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Monday, December 10, 2007

Questions,Questions,Questions(ok so this is only one question)

Would you obey orders to go "over-the-top" (going out of the trench) into the open fire of machine guns if you only had a rifle? Why or why not?

-Katie S.


Amy said...

I guess that I would "go over the top". It sounds crazy, but I think that if everyone else was going to, you would feel like a complete coward if you didn't.

Kind of like in the movie we watched today, when the mom of the solidier who died said, "What right do you have to be alive when my son died." I think that if you didn't go over the top, the guilt would eat at you and make you feel really bad. You would feel like a complete coward, and you would regret not fighting for your country.
It would require alot of courage, but I think that I wouldn't have the courage to be the only one left alive and alone in the trench either.

Sam D said...

Well said Amy, Well said...

Ryan Perreault "Elfears" said...

I don't know about you guys but I don't think that I would go over the hill!!! It may be different in the heat of battle but I don;t think that I would go over the top. I'd much rather be called a coward than get killed. I like my life thank you very much!!!!!

Brooke Ewert said...

i would not because, it is pointless losing another person to a machinegun. i would wait until the machine gun people died or something until I would go over the top and fight. -Brooke

rachel said...

I wouldn't go over the top. I would be too chicken to risk my life against something way more powerful than me.

hulio(nat) said...

what are you guys talking about, i'd definetly go over the top, because if you didn't, your commanding officer would probably just shoot you. And if you ran away, you'd get hunted down and killed for desertion. Amy is right,

BritB said...

i would sooo not go over the top because you know ur going to lose ur life, ur not helping out ur country by just getting shot. if u dont go over u still have ur life to actually HELP ur country!!

ok well after reading nat's comment...that i didnt kno about. so either way ur goin to get shot...well then maybe i would go over the top.

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