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Friday, December 07, 2007

Nations of the World

Thanks Maria for Bringing This In... Just For Fun!!! ENJOY! This is Amazing!!!


Sam D said...

That was hilarious, yet very educational...

and to think that I knew all of the world's nations

But I am surprised that I knew as much as i knew

But yet some were also regions, like that guy said Caribbean.

And then there is the issue of if it is counted if it is independent semi-independent or reliant on another nation, and countries like Serbia and Herzegovina are actually 2 nations in one, therefore it can be very confusing in some ways.

That is why there is no definite number of nations in the world!

Katie S. said...

My mom wants to learn the words and sing it at our church viriety show! Anyone know where i could find the words?


Laura said...

Copy and paste this into your URL bar. (or whatever it's called)

Sam D said...

How long it could have taken you to find that, I don't want to know...

Okay I do!

Laura said...

Um...well it took about 30 seconds. I just typed Nations of the World Lyrics on google.

Now you know!

Sam D said...

But why does google never work for me???

oh well...

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