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Monday, December 10, 2007

Cora's Question! Would you rather...

Would you rather get shoot in the war or suffer from the mustard gas? And why?


Quincy said...

I would rather get shot in the war because lots of the time you wouldn't have to suffer a long time and I have a low pain threshold. :( I would still rather not get shot.

(Why does it keep saying Brooke is posting)

Amy said...

I would rather get shot in the war than suffer from poison gas. This is because if you got shot, at least it would probably be a quick death and you wouldn't be in very much pain. If you had to suffer from poison gas, you would basicly cough up your lungs. It would be a very slow, very painful death.

Sam D said...

it keeps saying that, Quincy, because Brooke changed the name of the "student" profile.

I would rather get shot because iy only stings and you will get used to it, instead, with mustard gas, you will choke and suffocate to death and your lungs will melt and you will hack them up, which would really suck, a lot.

Besides, with a shot, there is a much greater chance for recovery, as with mustard gas... Well, you can't exactly do lung surgery in the trenches, can you?

Laura said...

I would rather get shot because it's a quick death instead of coffing for 2 hours and slowly dying.

(P.s still can't figure out how to post! I don't have the "post" button!)

Sam D said...

sorry laura, it is in the upper right on the blog main page...Oops


Quincy said...

Another reason that you would not want to be gassed is that one of your comrades might come and get you and then they would die too if they didn't have a mask.

(P.S. Good soapbox today Amy :)
(P.S.S. Thanks Sam. How do you get a picture on there)

Amy said...

Thanks about my soap box Quicy.

You get a picture on your name by logging in and looking at your profile. You will find the option to put in a picture there. You can clik browse to put in a picture that you have saved on your computer. That's what I did.

Something else that I didn't think about as far as getting shot is what if they had to amputate your leg or arm. I have heard that the "phantom" pain that comes after an opperation can be really bad that you can want to kill in the movie we watched today when Paul's friend asks for a gun to kill himself.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I would rather get shOt in the war. (one O cora! ;o) I would rather get shot because a lot of the time there isn't much suffering involved. I think! Anyway, I dont think I'd much like the sight of my own lung hanging out of my mouth would you!!!!!!!??????????
Maria Giorgi

Anonymous said...

I would have rather gotten shot because it would have probably hurt less than coughing my lungs up(still the preference is NOT to get shot).

Kari Grundmeier said...

I agree with well... everyone.. getting shot would be much less painful, and if you've ever had a bad chest cold... coughing hurts... a lot! (pain is scary 0.0)

Sarah Lenz said...

Well, I know that EVERYONE so far has said this, but I am still going to say it! I would rather get shot. This is because if i inhaled all of that gas, it would be such a ssssslllllooooowwwwwww death. Just sitting their couphing my lungs up does not sound that fun!!

Ok, I am going to contradict myself! On the other hand, if i got shot in a spot that wouldn't make me die instantly, that might be even more painful! (like the leg or arm, or stomach!!! ICK!) In the end, though, I would still go with getting shot!!!

Krista said...

I would rather get shot. even though depending on where you get shot, you can suffer from both. but i can barley stand coughing when i have a cold, i wouldn't be able doing it until i die!

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