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Monday, December 10, 2007

Beth's Question!!!!!

Do you think that the men in the trenches did more or less to help with the war effort than the women in the factories? Why or why not?


Maria said...

I think that the women in the factories did just as much to help the war effort as the men in the battles.
Besides, if there wasn't anyone making materials, how would they fight at all?

PS hi Beth!!!!!!

Sam D said...

I think the men in the trenches did the most because they were the ones fighting. Although they couldn't of fought without the women in factory support, they were the ones actually doing the hard work and having to endure the shell shock and horrors of the trenches.

I also think that the women played a huge part in the war. The war would've been lost if they hadn't been supporting the men and working in the factories to produce the goods to supply the men. They were also the ones encouraging the men to go out on the war front.

It is very difficult to compare these two positions because of what each side did, as they didn't do the same jobs, so therefore, they are incomparable or incontestable. (Whichever is correct)

mary s. said...

I believe that the men in the trenches helped more! I think this because the women were not putting their lives on the line for their own country like the men were. But I do believe that the women helped a lot also because the had to keep the country running during the war.

Kari Grundmeier said...

like the others said... it's both who are doing things for the war effort. If we were talking specifically about the war EFFORT then it would be the women because the men are on the war FRONT... if that makes any sense at all...

Amy said...

I think that everyone has proved some really good points. I think that the women and men did equal. While the men had to fight and kill and destroy, the women had to cook, clean, work, take care of the children, and do everything else that needed to be done at home all by themselves. At least the soildiers got to have eachother to work with; the women had to do it all alone.
The men faced alot of physical danger, but so did the women in the factories. The men had alot of mental stress, but so did the women taking care of everything.
I think that they both had to work really hard. It is hard to compare them because they both faced difficult challenges, just different ones.

Laura said...

I think definatly, both women and men played a huge role! Without the women we would have had a shortage of supplies, and we would have to suffer major consiquences in the war.
Without the men, (even though it's a bit obvious), they would have had to give up or have a major draft.

(P.S great question!!!)

Emily said...

I think they both did an equal amount, because the men actually had to fight guns, bombs, and gas, while the women helped to supplie all the soldiers needs in the factories.

cora said...

I think both the men and women did equal work in the war. Without the women, no supplies would have been made. Without the men, there would have been no one to fight the war. Both of those are important jobs.


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